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Capital Industries Limited
Capital Industries Limited was founded in 1999. The head office is located in Hong Kong, with branches in Moscow and Delhi. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shijiazhuang, China, producing world-class ready-to-wear garments. The plant has a capacity to produce 1 million baseball caps per month. We are the number one baseball cap manufacturer in Asia.

We also have one towel factory in India with a capacity of 100 tons of towels per month. These two factories employ over 500 people.

Today we produce over 1 million baseball caps, 1 million T-shirts and polos, 100,000 windbreakers and 100 tons of towels per month. All these products are now exported throughout Russia, the CIS countries, Eastern Europe and the Gulf countries.
We have a separate food production facility that exports standard rice, basmati rice, tea, coffee, black pepper and other spices.

Our company also has a health products department and we are the exclusive distributor of Dabur in Russia. We sell all Dabur health products and immunity boosters exclusively in Russia.

Today we are a multinational company with dealers and distributors throughout Russia, the CIS, Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf.

We achieved a turnover of US $ 20 million in 2019 thanks to the hard teamwork and dedication of over 100 highly qualified professionals with one motive:

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